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Remediation Services:


A1 provides state of the art mold, biological toxin, blood, sewage and microbial remediation services. A microbial could be mold, bacteria or viruses. Biological toxins are poisons produced by microbials. We typically perform our mold and microbial remediation projects inside an air tight enclosure and under negative pressure (greater than 1 inch of water column).

Our mold and microbial remediation projects utilizing the services of at least 1 supervisor and laborers all of whom are OSHA trained and currently accredited in hazardous materials abatement. Our Supervisor has over 20 years of hazardous material abatement experience and workers each have over 5 years of experience. Our supervisor has been the lead performer in hundreds of large-scale hazard environment remediation projects which have been performed in schools, colleges, universities, hospitals and office structures throughout northern New England. The supervisor and crew perform annual refresher courses and undergo mandatory annual physical examinations to ensure their competence and health.

A1 uses Shock Wave as its primary microbicide. This product is a broad spectrum microbicide, cleaner, disinfectant, HIV and HBV viricide, fungicide and mildewstat. The product leave a slight, clean, non offensive odor and is also considered a deodorizer.

Our technique for mold remediation removes all mold from the work area. Simply spraying mold with bleach or a fungicide, even if it did kill the mold, does not remedy the problem. Molds adversely effect people in a number of ways. Few molds actually cause infections, and when they do it is typically in people with compromised immune systems. Rather, it is fragments of the structure of the mold spore which trigger the immune response and the resulting discomfort. Also, molds can produce mycotoxins - powerful poisons which are not alive in any sense. The only true solution to mold and mold byproducts is elimination.

Once the containment is built and the area is under negative pressure the moldy media is wetted with Shock Wave and then removed. If removal is not possible or impractical the area will be scrubbed cleaned and HEPA vaccuumed. Once the mold source is bagged air tight and removed from the area, the area is again sprayed with Shock Wave, wet wiped and HEPA vaccuumed. When all surfaces are dry After Shock anti microbial incapsulant is applied. This locks down any residual microbes which may have been missed. After Shock inhibits future mold growth.

It should be understood that mold needs water to grow. If the underlying source of water is not addressed, mold will eventually recur regardless of remediation methods.

A1 offers free estimates provided that you have a clearly defined scope of work. (Example client has one room 12 x 10 with 8 ceiling which has mold growing on all wallboard). Establishing the scope of work often requires the testing and assessment by a professional. We perform this task but there is a fee involved.

To Schedule a project give us a call!

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