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Asbestos Related Services

Asbestos Inspections
A1 provides a variety of asbestos inspection services including:

  • Asbestos Inspections by Mass DLS Licensed Inspectors & Laboratories

  • Professional with over 30 Years of Experience

  • EPA NESHAP/Mass DEP required pre demolition or renovation inspection

  • AHERA school inspections, reinspections and surveillance

  • Property transfer inspections

  • General asbestos inspection and/or asbestos contamination testing

  • Post abatement visual inspections with or without air testing (Mass DLWD required)

  • Asbestos air or surface contamination testing

  • Asbestos abatement design and specification development

  • Asbestos Laboratory Services
    All our asbestos analytical services are Mass DLWD licensed, EPA accredited and are active participants in good standing in proficiency testing programs such as AIHA’s PAT and NVLAP. Our asbestos analytical services include:

  • PCM air sampling and analysis with or without on site analysis

  • TEM air sampling and analysis

  • Bulk sample analysis by PLM

  • Contamination sample analysis by PLM or TEM

  • Wipe (a.k.a.) "Swipe" sampling and analysis

  • Fully Licensed and Insured

  • ASBESTOS ABATEMENT -Give us a call!

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