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Mold Testing Services

Mold Assessment and Testing
A1 offers a diverse variety of high quality mold testing and remediation services at very competitive prices.

Mold Inspections and Testing:


  • Air sampling with optical or culture analysis

  • Bulk sampling with optical or culture analysis

  • Surface sampling with optical or culture analysis

  • Wall cavity sampling and analysis

  • Air, surface and subsurface moisture testing

  • Boroscope analysis

  • General mold survey

  • Infrared Thermography

  • Mold Analysis

  • All mold samples are analyzed by an AIHA mold accredited laboratory in good standing with at least 2 professional microbiologists (PhD level) on staff. Our mold laboratory has proven to be a very reliable in terms of accurate identification and quantification of mold.

    Again, A1 performs a wide range of analysis including direct optical analysis, culturing, mycotoxin testing, Cryptococcus n. analysis, Histoplasma c. analysis, bacteria culturing and analysis, endotoxin analysis and Microbial Volatile Organics Compounds Screen.

    The direct optical analysis of the air samples results include skin fragment density, background particulate, pollen, hyphal fragments, and insect fragments parameters.

    A1 is capable of collecting a wide variety of microbial samples, analyzing those samples in an accurate, and repeatable manner, and reporting the results in a detailed and non technical manner which can be understood by the average person. We will also make detailed recommendations for addressing microbial problems which may exist.

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